Automatic Toilet Rolls & Kitchen Towels Band Saw machine AM 246 T

Automatic Toilet Rolls & Kitchen Towels Band Saw machine AM 246 T



• Single log cutting
• Blade safety cabin
• Blade sharpening system
• Machine controlled by PLC, touch screen, and servo motor
• Automatic stop in case band saw blade broken
• Cutting length controlled from the touch screen.
• Log pusher controller by a LG servomotor, which provide the right cutting length (mm).
• Variable speed control by LG inverter
• Superior timing tension rubber belts for log pusher
• Transfer unit for the logs to set on the cutting table (mini accumulator)
• Pneumatic clamp to fix the log during cutting
• Pneumatic clamp to fix the last cut



Technical Features

• Paper log length: 1000 - 2750 mm. (as request)
• Electronic cutting length control: variable within 80 – 250 mm.
• Minimum trim cutting length: 25 mm at each end.
• Log diameter: min. 90 mm. max. 140 mm.
• Maximum operation speed: 40 - 65 cut / cycles / min
• Cutting blade: band saw blade
• Pneumatic clamps set before & after the blade, which fix the log during the cutting process.
• The clamps width can be adjusted mechanically
• LG PLC Control System Touch Screen operation
• Power Supply: 380 V. 3 phases, 50 Hz, 24V DC control, 4 Kw.
• Rolls Exit: flat conveyor with piston pusher to transfer

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