"AMACO President Unveils Global Paper Industry Advancements at Paper and Tissue One Show in Abu Dhabi:


Beirut, April 24, 2024 - Chairman of the AMACO Group, Ali Al-Abdullah, said that the paper and tissue industry in the Arab world is witnessing growth and development on several levels, and that Arab factories are now competing with the most prestigious international factories, stressing their ability to meet the requirements of not only Arab markets, but also parts Wide range of global markets as well. Al-Abdullah’s words came at the conclusion of his participation in the “Paper and Tissue One Show Exhibition,” which was hosted by Abu Dhabi in its ninth session at the Abu Dhabi International Exhibition Center (ADNEC).

Al-Abdullah added that the participation of “AMACO Industrial Group” in the “Paper and Tissue One Show Exhibition” this year represented a valuable opportunity to showcase “AMACO’s” capabilities related to the manufacture of various paper and sanitary napkin manufacturing machines. He said: "We have a history of successes in this field, and we have been able to help companies around the world expand their markets and enhance the quality of their products, in a way that enables them to implement their strategies and plans."

The "One Show Paper and Tissue Exhibition", organized by Al Furat Exhibition and Convention Group, was held at the Abu Dhabi International Exhibition Center (ADNEC) over three days between April 16 and 18. More than 267 companies and factories from 36 countries participated in the event.

Commenting on Amaco’s participation in the exhibition, Al-Abdullah says: “Our participation in this event comes as we develop our business and expand our activities towards global markets, especially since we have a long history of exporting our machines to Europe, Latin America, Arab countries and Africa as well. A leading position in this sector in the Arab world and other global markets. This achievement comes after we were able, over the past three decades, to achieve an effective and pioneering presence in various global markets.”


He added: “There are many companies that manufacture machines for the sanitary paper sector around the world, but the companies that provide solutions and consultations are very few, and we are pioneers in this approach, because we view ourselves as advisors to our partners around the world. There is no doubt that the coming period holds many opportunities.” For our sector, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, which has become a major and essential role in our work, enabling us to develop our machines faster and better.”

Al-Abdullah concluded by saying: “During our extensive activities at the exhibition, we reviewed a number of innovations and technologies related to the paper and tissue industry. Among these innovations is a completely automated paper tissue production line equipped with an automatic transfer system for tissue packages and on a base that hands do not touch. This is a very modern technology that allows for reducing dependence on On the one hand, and raising the levels of safety and security in everything related to the paper and tissue industry. These innovations that we present to the markets are a small part of our innovations in the world of paper and tissue machinery manufacturing, and they embody the strength and capabilities of the Amaco Industrial Group in the region and the world.”

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