Minister of Industry Dr. Imad Hoballah visiting Amaco Group

Minister of Industry Dr. Imad Hoballah visiting Amaco Group

Minister of Industry Dr. Imad Hoballah visiting

Amaco Group



The Minister of Industry, Dr. Imad Hoballah,  visited Saida today at the head of a delegation from the ministry and toured in the factories in Sidon and the South, and he had a visit to Amaco Group factory, accompanied by the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Sidon and the South, Mr. Mohamed Saleh and a number of members of its administrative board


Minister Hoballah's visit came as part of a tour he is taking to a number of factories in the region, to overlook on their conditions and needs in light of the general mobilization. The Minister was welcomed by the President of the Amaco Group, Ali Mahmoud Al Abdallah.



During his visit to the Amaco factory, Minister Hoballah showed great interest in the level of industrial machinery that is produced by the company and exported it to all countries of the world.


He also paid special attention to the machine made by the company that produces anti-virus masks Corona. He listened to a detailed explanation of the machine, its production capacity and technical specifications. Minister Hoballah said that he is ready to support all factories, including those that focus on manufacture products related to the fight against corona.



He called on companies to focus on this area, promising to make efforts to support them to finance them to buy machinery that makes all kinds of anti-epidemic products and other industrial machinery that contribute to Lebanon's economic renaissance.



As for Al Abdallah, he said that the Amaco Group has been active for 35 years in the manufacture of industrial machinery that it used by factories to produce everything related to sanitary paper, napkins and packaging of all kinds, and they started during the Corona epidemic crisis, to attach a great importance to the process of developing new machines for the manufacture of masks.



The Minister expressed his admiration for the high technical level that the company enjoys, especially as it exports its machines to Arab countries and various countries of the world.

Al Abdallah said that the company was able to achieve frequent successes in its history, enabled it to develop its sales and expand its markets in worldwide. AMACO is exporting today the industrial machines to all the markets worldwide.



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