Dr Fadi Gemayel Honoring 2014

Ali Mahmoud Al-Abdallah; chairman of the Industrial Group AMACO, honors Dr. Fadi Gemayel; President of the Arab Federation of Paper Printing and Packaging Industries


In the occasion of honoring Dr. Fadi Gemayel, President of the Arab Federation of Industries and Paper, Printing and Packaging, AFPPPI, Mr. Ali Mahmoud Al Abdallah, member of this Federation and the chairman of AMACO Group, whom is headquartered in Lebanon, specialized in the Tissue Paper Industries, especially the Converting Tissue Paper Machines and the Tissue Mill Machines over thirty years, held dinner ceremony in Phoenicia Hotel, Beirut - Lebanon, sponsored by the Ministry of Industry, Dr. Hussein El Hajj Hassan


Gracing this Lebanese figure who played a very important role in the Paper Industry. Dr. Gemayel who is also the President of Association of Lebanese Industries was elected as President of AFPPPI, since he deserved this title for offering much for these industries (Paper, Printing and Packaging) and since this Federation is a Union of Arab countries active in developing these sectors from technical, scientific, and commercial wise and in raising the Arab Production Standards regionally and internationally.



This Ceremony was attended by various Diplomatic, Political, Financial and Economic Public Figures as well as the CEOs of different industrial associations along with Presidents of various syndicates with the attendance many Industrial and businessmen.

Mr. Ali El Abdallah delivered a speech in this occasion, welcoming the attendees considering that the Industry is an important sector in building strong National Economy. Adding that having such strong industry will provide steady growth as well job opportunities. 


Then Mr. El Abdallah praised Dr. Fadi Gemayel for his major role as President of Syndicate of Paper in Lebanon and for his great efforts that brought Lebanon to the Presidency of the Arab Federation of Industries and Paper, Printing and Packaging, AFPPPI


As he said, since seniority Egyptians and the Chinese share in the creation of paper and industry throughout history: attributed to the ancient Egyptians who first use of paper in the human life through the papyrus and attributed to the Chinese the production of Modern Paper during the reign of Emperor (Ho-T) and the favor for this innovation is due to an employee in the imperial court.

Then Dr. Fadi Gemayel expressed his gratitude for this honor, thanking the support of his fellow members of the Arab Federation of Industries and Paper, Printing and Packaging , AFPPPI

He indicated that Lebanon is always in advance and the hostess forvarious industries and especially the Paper industry referred to hundreds of yearsback as the first factory for the production of paper was Tasco found on1923, the first carton factory was Gemayel Bros found on 1929, the first factory copybooks was OPP found on 1957 and the first factory for manufacturing of hygienic tissue Paper was Mimosa found on 1967. So, the Paper Industry nowadays is source of pride for the Lebanese all over the world from Africa to Nigeria and the United States where INDEVCO Group is.

Also Dr. Gemayel paid tribute to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and mention of the volume and quality of this industry exported to the world and the European Region

Gemayel praised the role played by the Minister Hussein Hajj Hassan in contributing to find new industrial horizons and to communicate with the outside world to find new markets.

He focused on theimportantrole played byAMACO GROUPand its president,Mr. Ali Mahmoud El Abdallah in managing the group as well for the high quality, technology and high standards that specializes its machines, which witnessed widespreadto the Arabcountriesandmostcountries of the world.

-Minister Hajj Hassan congratulates the Lebanese and the Arabs in the occasion of Christmas and the New Year and expressed pride in the national industry, asking the industrialist to form industrial lobby in order to protect and support the productive sectors. He stressed on the need to work in order to raise the Lebanese exports from3 billion US. Dollars annually to 5 billion US. Dollars, and then reduce the volume of imports from 20 to 16 billion dollars.

Then we do so we reduce the size of the debt, and reduce the trade deficit in the trade balance.

Minister Hajj Hassan confirmed the existence of important industries in Lebanon to be proud of but he felt sorry for the lack of economic projects and national  economic policy based on the industry as main sector helps to secure jobs opportunity and reduce unemployment and migration.

At the end of the ceremony, it was agreed to improve the general conditions of the paper industry and to lay the foundations for dealing with the countries of the world and expand the horizon of trade with these countries as the efficient project done which is purchasing Carton Factory – Gemdoubs – in France by Gemayel Company and considered as the first step to expand the interaction between Arab and foreign countries.

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