Automatic Toilet Rolls & Kitchen Towels Industrial (Maxi Roll) Band Saw Machine AM 246I

Automatic Toilet Rolls & Kitchen Towels AFH Industrial

( Maxi Roll ) Band Saw Machine

AM 246I


Features :

  • Automatic Log Diameter Adjustment from Touch Screen
  • Vaccum Dust Removal System
  • Band Saw Blade of Thickness 1mm & width 100 mm
  • Grinding Stone with motor and base adjusted via electric buttons
  • Heavy Duty Cutting motor ( 11KW )
  • The size of the blade rotation wheel is wider for a better straight cut & of diameter 810 mm
  • Oil Pump with Piston of facilitate the change of the band saw blade
  • Solidity in the body of the machine , stability without any vibration




  • Cutting Length adjustable from the touch screen : from 80 to 250 mm
  • Product diameter : from 150 - 250 mm
  • Counting Production : for the Logs of Toilet Rolls and Kitchen Towels
  • Cutting Speed : max 30-40 cuts / min


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