Aluminum Foil &Cling Film Rewinding Machine - AM 260

Aluminum Foil and Cling Film Rewinding machine

AM 260




  * Variable speed control.

  * Automatic slow down before stopping.

  * Electronic counter for length control.

  * Pneumatic system:

   - Roll fixing.

   - Rewinding arms + cores fixing.

  * Operator panel for convenience of use.

  * Easy to change between different sizes.

  * Can handle Aluminum foil and cling film (stretch).

  * Automatic Film cutting after rewinding by heating system with temperature controller , and toothed blade for aluminum foil

  * Jog running system for material pass and machine adjustment.



Technical Features:

  * Max. production speed: 125 - 150 m /min. (depending on the material used).

  * Max. Jumbo Roll width: 500 mm.

  * Max. Jumbo Roll diameter: 500 mm.

  * Jumbo Roll Inner Diameter: 76 mm. (3").

  * Rewinding core inner diameter: 40 mm. (as request).

  * Triple Production Roll Rewinding station.

  * Main motor : 1.5 KW Redactor.

  * Air pressure: Max. 6 bars.

  * Machine controlled by Siemens PLC inverter or international brand.


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